Thierry Henry: “How do you succeed if you don’t try?”

Speaking to So Foot, Montréal Impact manager Thierry Henry was asked about being almost excessively hands-on as a coach, getting too angry at or passionate towards his own players.

I think that it is my character, that will always be in me. When you look at Antonio Conte and Jürgen Klopp, they are always very animated and that doesn’t bother anyone. Aside from that, they have arrived at a level where they are allowed to do it and everyone accepts it. Me, I am not there, but I am like that, I cannot control that. The only thing that I cannot accept as a manager, is when someone doesn’t take a risk. We are playing football, we are not going to war. So play, try things, provoke situations. If you don’t shoot, you will not score. Michael Jordan said it well: his only failures are the moments where he did not take a shot. It is what I say to my players all the time: how will you succeed if you do not try things? I will stick by this right until the end.”

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