Thierry Henry on Kylian Mbappé comparisons: ‘I don’t particularly like it, everyone has their own way. He’s him, I was me.’

In an interview with GQ, Thierry Henry explained his feelings on persistent comparisons between himself and PSG forward Kylian Mbappé.

Who do you think compares the most right now to your game?
Look, I’m not trying to be humble and all that. I don’t think you should compare people, because everybody has their own style, different eras, different battles, different ways of playing, different ways of seeing the game… But the one that always comes close and everyone repeats, because we’re from the suburbs of Paris, we both played for Monaco first, and so on, is Kylian Mbappé… I don’t particularly like it. Not because of what I did. It’s not about that. I think everyone has their own way, and he’s Mbappé. I actually love him, by the way. The way he plays is just crazy. But he’s him, I was me. But if I had someone here killing me to say something, I would say Mbappé.

What do you like specifically about this game?
I like how clever he is on the field. His brain. When he speaks, when he gives interviews, he seems like a level-headed guy. He knows where he wants to go. And the way he sees the game, his football IQ for me is really high. People always mention his speed and his dribbling. But, listen, you have a ball at your feet. You need to see everything at that speed and make the right choice.

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