UEFA vote for new league-style Champions’ League starting in 2024

On Monday morning, the UEFA Executive Committee voted unanimously for a new 36-team Champions’ League format, beginning in 2024.

The format sees clubs put in 4 pots of 9 teams, with the initial stage acting as one big league of 36 teams. Clubs are through a draw assigned 10 matches in the initial phase, with 5 to be played at home, 5 to be played away, but no return leg matches.

This would see 180 games played between January and March, with matches occurring on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The top 8 clubs in the league would then progress to the knockout stages. The clubs ranked 9th to 24th would play in a playoff to qualify for the knockout stages. Teams ranked from 25th to 36th will be eliminated.

Prior to the announcement of The Super League on Sunday evening, French clubs were due to have 3 guaranteed places in the new Champions’ League with a 4 place dependent on a club going through pre-qualification rounds.

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