Why is Soccer the Most Popular Game among French Students

Except in the US, soccer is the favorite sport of countries all over the world. This sport came from England at the end of the 19th century and was originally known as “association football.” Later, it gained plenty of followers in the continent, especially in the Northern part of the country and in Paris. 

Before soccer came to France, the French favored rugby football. Now, there are more than 1.9 million licensed players in the league. Most French students in universities love this sport and indulge by either playing it or watching it on TV.

The French Football Federation

The governing body for soccer in France is the French Football Federation (FFF). This body first came out in 1919 and, since then, has sanctioned all of the events in participating leagues. 

The FFF is in charge of overseeing all soccer activities in France along with the activities outside the country, like in Guyana and French Polynesia. Training facilities that help develop French soccer players are also part of the function of FFF. 

The best soccer teams in France

Unlike other professional sports, soccer in France isn’t organized in closed leagues. Here are the French teams that have won the most [national] title leagues this year:

  • AS Saint-Etienne with 10 titles
  • Paris Saint Germain with 9 titles
  • Olympique de Marseille with 9 titles
  • FC Nantes with 8 titles
  • AS Monaco with 8 titles
  • Olympique Lyonnais with 7 titles
  • Girondins de Bordeaux with 6 titles
  • Stade de Reims with 6 titles
  • OGC Nice with 4 titles
  • Lille OSC with 4 titles 

Use help for students

French students like you enjoy watching soccer on TV or buying tickets to watch your favorite teams play on the field. Whether you call it soccer or football doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it’s a sport that makes students like you feel excited while watching.

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Passion for the game

Anyone can play soccer regardless of weight or height. It is an excellent game for anyone to watch or play. You don’t even need the “right equipment” to play. You can play this sport on the beach using a volleyball even without wearing shoes. 

Place two backpacks on the sand for your goal post. Even with nobody else around, you can play the game by yourself – all you have to do is to juggle the ball. This is why soccer is the world’s easiest and most popular sport, except in the US. 

It becomes a bit frustrating, especially for soccer enthusiasts when people think of soccer as “just another sport.” To the soccer fans like you all over the world, soccer isn’t merely a game – it is a passion.

It’s an outdoor sport

French students (and adults) are more inclined to participate in outdoor sports instead of participating in gym culture. Perhaps it has something to do with the Mediterranean climate of the country. 

Aside from soccer, other outdoor sports that the French take part in include tennis, cycling, and sailing. The Vendée Globe is a yacht competition held every four years and it starts in the French Atlantic. 

The French also love to participate in sports as spectators. Because of this, France has gained a cinematic image where cigarette smokers have conversations in awesome French cafés while they drink wine. 

While many French people do fit such an image, many also love physical activities like playing soccer, sailing, skiing, cycling, and many other sports that the country has become famous for.

Parents love the sport too

The love for soccer isn’t limited to younger generations because your parents who love soccer would have introduced this great sport to you. Before you learned about famous university soccer teams, you might have had exposure to this sport already. 

Your parents may have switched the channel to avidly watch a soccer match when their favourite teams play. Back then, you didn’t know that the team you watched with them would be the same team you will root for once you reach college.


Sports have the ability to change us in different ways. It has the ability to break down barriers of language, race, colour, and religion. Regardless of what separates us as people, we can all enjoy sports together – and nothing has demonstrated the equality in sports better than soccer.

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