World Cup every two years? CAF supports FIFA and could provide decisive votes

A simple majority in the council is not far away. FIFA President Gianni Infantino would rather have a World Cup played every two years instead of every four years. He receives support from the African association CAF – and this could play a decisive role.

At its meeting in the Moroccan capital Rabat, the executive committee of the African continental association CAF unanimously supported the idea promoted by the world association FIFA. “Africa could be the biggest beneficiary of a World Cup every two years,” said ex-president Patrice Motsepe.

Should there be a vote, Infantino should be certain of the votes from Africa. And there are quite a few: seven out of 37 representatives in the decision-making FIFA Council come from CAF member countries.

Players who are interested in Premier league betting, have waited for the the South American umbrella organization CONMEBOL, with its five voting representatives on the Council. The organization is also an advocate of shortening the World Cup cycle from four to two years, plus the vote of FIFA President Infantino. That would already be 13 votes in favour, six would only be missing for a simple majority.

At the FIFA Congress in May, 166 of the 209 associations voted to carry out a feasibility study into a World Cup final every two years. “What counts are the results of the study,” said Infantino at the time, but at the same time let his point of view shine through: “Clubs have the chance of five or six titles a year. Each national team only has the chance every four years.”

Wenger for it, Boban against it

FIFA chief developer Arsene Wenger already has a specific schedule in mind. If the former Arsenal coach has his way, everything will be different after the 2024 European Championship in Germany and the 2026 World Cup in the USA, Mexico and Canada: a European Championship in 2027 and the other continental tournaments, another World Cup in 2028, “and so on,” said the Frenchman recently: “It’s not about wanting to be right, but rather finding the best solution for football.”

But especially the UEFA is resisting Infantino’s plans. “The World Cup cannot take place every two years for a thousand reasons,” UEFA director Zvonimir Boban recently told Gazzetta dello Sport.

The already badly strained top stars would then probably forego finals more often, with the almost inflationary staging tournaments lose value. In addition, there is the oversaturation of consumers, which should not go well forever. There are still no concrete solutions for all of these problems.

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