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Zinédine Zidane reveals regrets at never playing for Marseille

Speaking to Le Phocéen, former midfielder Zinédine Zidane has discussed his relationship with Marseille, and revealed that then-club president Bernard Tapie had the intention of signing him in the 90s.

The ex-Bordeaux man and World Cup winner explained that he would support Marseille despite never playing for the club of his home town.

“Personally, I never received any call. However, Bernard Tapie was OM president when I was at Cannes. He had it in mind that they would one day try to sign Zizou. But it never happened. Tapie wanted it, and as someone from Marseille, in my head, it could happen. Then I went to Bordeaux, and after that Juventus..”

“It wasn’t a regret during my career, no. Because I was busy, and I was in clubs where I was doing well. But looking back, it’s true that as a Marseillais… I was in the stands when I was very young, for a long time I said that my dream was to be there.”

“I supported that Marseille team like crazy.  Even afterwards, when I was playing. Apart from when I was playing against them, when I wanted to win – but in other games I was with Marseille, for Marseille. And these days, I want to see Marseille win. I imagine myself having to manage against Marseille one day – it’ll feel weird to me.”

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