Achraf Hakimi on leaving Real Madrid: “They didn’t want to bet on me as much as other clubs.”

Speaking to Marca ahead of Paris Saint-Germain’s clash against Real Madrid tomorrow evening, right-back Achraf Hakimi notably spoke about his departure from Los Blancos and the reason why the club did not buy him back after his time at Inter.

On the difference between PSG’s Hakimi and Real Madrid’s Hakimi

I’ve changed quite a bit, I’m a few years older, I’m more mature, I’ve got more experience. At Madrid I was coming from Castilla [reserve team], from playing with young players without professional or high level experience. Now, after playing at several clubs and various clubs and they’ve given me experience, maturity, and responsibility.

On whether his departure was down to a lack of maturity on his part or a lack of confidence from Real Madrid

A bit of both. It’s true that when you come up to Madrid for the first time you’re coming from playing at Castilla and it makes sense that the club isn’t betting on you because you’re young. But afterwards I left for Dortmund on loan and put in two great seasons and had to come back and make a choice. And I think there Madrid still weren’t betting on me even though I could keep playing at a high level.

And then when I left for Inter permanently there was also a buy-back option for Madrid and they didn’t exercise it either, so I think they didn’t want to bet on me as much as other clubs did. And I’m happy because I think those clubs didn’t get it wrong in taking a chance on me.


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