Ajaccio president gets 8 month ban after calling league disciplinary committee “xenophobic”

As reported by RMC, Ajaccio president Christian Leca has resigned from his role as a leading representative of Ligue 2 clubs at the LFP and has been banned for eight months from any official functions after he accused the league’s disciplinary committee of being “xenophobic”.

The case dates back to Ajaccio’s challenging of a two-game ban for defender Oumar Gonzalez at the end of last year. Unsuccessful, a statement on the club’s website from Leca referred to Sébastien Deneux, the president of the disciplinary committee, and his team as being xenophobic toward the Corsican club. Contacted by RMC, Leca explained:

“I’m withdrawing, on the advice of my lawyer, from all official functions within the LFP… My way of seeing things doesn’t match that of the LFP’s, so it was time to blow the whistle for the end of the match… I cannot stand injustice and bias. I admit that I shouldn’t have spoken of xenophobia but ‘Corsophobia’. I will now focus on my club.”

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