Aleksander Čeferin says excluding Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus from Europe is a possibility

In his interview with L’Équipe published today, UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin notably discusses the possibility of sanctioning the clubs involved in the Super League breakaway project.

Although he insists that the decision would lie with the governing body’s disciplinary commission, Čeferin points out that the three clubs still committed to the project – Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus – could still be subject to punishment.

The Madrid tribunal has now allowed you to sanction the three clubs who still want to set up a Super League. Why don’t you do it?

Firstly, because the court decision can still be subject to an appeal. When the process is over, we will act.

Is it imaginable to sanction Real Madrid, who might win their 14th Champions League this year?

It’s possible to punish any club.

Some would doubt that.

They are wrong. The rules are the same for everyone. And if I was to comment on what people say every day… They also complain that UEFA earns billions, but 93.5% of revenue goes to clubs. How can you explain that if no one is listening? You can choose to believe me or not, but we treat all clubs in the same way, whether they be from Slovenia, my country, or from the big names in European football.

So could you exclude Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus?

Of course it’s possible. But it’s the UEFA disciplinary commission, which is independent, who will have to decide.

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