Alexandre Lacazette criticises the refereeing in Manchester City’s win over Arsenal

As reported by RMC, when speaking to French television after Arsenal’s 2-1 loss to Manchester City this weekend, Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette was visibly frustrated with the decision that led to Manchester City’s late winner but discussed his pride in his team’s performance.

“I think we’ve improved between the first leg and this game, we saw a totally different Arsenal team with a lot more ambition. We know how to take risks, to control. We can build on this game, even if the result didn’t come. I’m still proud of what we did today.”

“It’s frustrating to see some of these decisions. We’re not going to comment on them, so as not to have any problems [with the authorities]. There’s a lot of frustration over some of the decisions today, especially based on what the referee told me. Over all the decisions in the match and the cards he gave us, I didn’t see many for their side, despite committing the same fouls. It’s part of football and VAR.”

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