Aminata Diallo allegedly part of factional war to oust Kheira Hamraoui from PSG

In an exclusive from Le Parisien related to the investigation of the Diallo-Hamroaui affair, the outlet revealed that PSG player Aminata Diallo was allegedly part of a faction which aimed to bully and undermine the club in order to get contract extensions for players and see others ousted from the team.

Through the intermediary of a man named César M, a pact was made with two objectives: to do everything to oust Kheira Hamraoui from the club, and obtain a contract extension at the club for Diallo. Police in Versailles perceive these signs of intimidation through messages made by César in order to obtain high-profile contract extensions for the players whose careers he unofficially manages. 

On Hamraoui, messages included the following insults:

“The other bitch, she’ll be a starter, it’s a sick fucking thing (…) She doesn’t come to the training sessions, she’s a fucking drag at the games… Even at the games! I swear to you Aminata, we have to wage war”

In any case, this is the reading that the magistrates and investigators have given to the multiple correspondences and telephone exchanges intercepted in the months following November’s attack on Kheira Hamraoui. On 29 March, the investigation was extended to include the charge of “banditry in an organised gang”. This aspect of the case has not yet been the subject of any indictment.

Also according to Le Parisien Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Kheira Hamraoui is set to take part in training following the closure of the transfer window this evening. Manager Gérard Prêcheur has not yet indicated whether he will make use of Hamraoui in the next few matches, yet she will be made available to the Parisian coaching staff.

This follows news that ex-teamate Aminata Diallo was taken into custody for a second time in under a year, as part of the investigation into the assault on Hamraoui last November. Diallo was at the wheel of the car as Hamraoui was dragged out and hit on the legs with an iron bar, after they were going back from a team dinner. She was first held for 40 hours before being released with no charges.






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