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An incensed Kylian Mbappé criticises Ligue 1 standard of refereeing

During PSG’s 2-0 win over Brest last night, Kylian Mbappé (23) criticised the standard of refereeing in Ligue 1 via a heated exchange with Brest midfielder Hugo Magnetti and referee Mikael Lesage.

Following Mbappé’s challenge on Magnetti in the first half, the play continued but Mbappé stopped and confronted the Brest player by grabbing his shirt. The two had to be forcibly separated with PSG players struggling to prevent Mbappé from squaring up to Magnetti.

Both players were booked which incensed Mbappé and he was overheard saying to referee Lesage: “How could I have been given a yellow card? But how could I have got a yellow card!? Come on, get out of here! You don’t even know how to referee. It’s always the same in this league… You, (to the fourth official) you’re next to it and you didn’t see?”

L’Équipe later reported that, having spoken to officials at PSG, Mbappé’s fury was derived from Magnetti insulting his mother which pushed sporting director Leonardo to complain to the referees at half time over the 23-year-old yellow card.


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