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Anthony Limbombe’s lawyer demands LFP to dock Nantes points

As reported by Fabrice Hawkins, the situation between Belgian international winger Anthony Limbombe and Nantes is souring.

Having been banished from the professional squad to the reserves, the 27-year-old and his representatives appealed to the LFP, who govern French professional football.

On the 4th of March this year, the LFP decreed that Nantes bring the winger back into the squad, with the threat of a fine in the case that they fail to do so. Since Limbombe is still not a part of the professional squad, his lawyer has appealed to the LFP to sanction the north-western club, notably through the docking of points.

The Canaris currently sit comfortably in seventh place in Ligue 1, eight points behind Nice in third and sixteen points ahead of Saint-Étienne in eighteenth. A points reduction is therefore unlikely to affect their season’s prospects.

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