Auxerre manager Jean-Marc Furlan justifies giving middle finger to Clermont fans

Auxerre manager Jean-Marc Furlan was sent off for showing the middle finger to Clermont fans late on in the match between the two sides in Ligue 1, as he tried to justify his actions during the post-match press conference which followed, transcribed by Le Parisien. 

“I went to the referee because I didn’t think there were enough fouls for us. When I stood up, the crowd insulted me, so I turned around and flipped them off. As a result, the ref sent me off.”

“You don’t know me. Because if you knew me, you would see that I have no brain. I am quite violent in my behaviour when it comes to football. Do I regret this attitude? No not at all.”

“The sanction will probably be very heavy but it doesn’t matter: you do your work during the week, not on the bench. If there are 8,000 people there, you can shout all you want, nobody hears you.”


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