Best Online Games for Football Fans

Football is the sport that moves the most supporters, which is why video games on this topic have so many admirers. On PC, it sometimes feels like there are only two or three soccer titles to choose from. Football Manager is the undisputed king of management simulators. It can’t compete with FIFA’s player-controlled realism and multiplayer capabilities, but it’s the top dog among sports dealing games. In fact, there are a plethora of different soccer titles accessible on PC, each with its unique style, gameplay mechanics, and surrealism that are worthy of your time and attention.

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Best games for football fans

The majority of best football games are console-based. Given this, you should not feel left out since we have something for you as well, whether you are seeking fantastic applications for your PC or smartphone. Below is a list of the finest titles for all main platforms from which to pick. A management-oriented game is on the list as well.

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Football Strike

Most simulators have certain problems on the mobile platform, as the smartphone does not allow the user to feel the controller more tightly. Here this issue was solved simply by removing the control options altogether. Now you do not run around the playing field. You only need to hit right on target and do it as quickly as possible, as there are no other tasks in the game.

The game is based on penalties and free kicks. You need to kick the ball to the right spot and get points for it. This is the easiest mode, where you go up against a real-world opponent and start hitting the ball. You have a certain time for hitting, for which you need to score the maximum points. Whoever has more points at the end of the battle wins. The goal is to hit the ball as quickly as possible and try to reach the center of the target or the target itself.


Super Arcade Football

This is a high-octane online sports game in which you don’t have the opportunity to take your breath. Every battle is sure to keep your interest from kick-off to the final whistle. This happens thanks to easy controls, online and local multiplayer, insane modifiers, and more.

After the underlying premise that drives the action in a series of vignettes, you are immediately plunged into the game. In a nutshell, the main character Martin decides to buy the club from the old custodian for a pound and takes over as manager of the faltering squad.


Rocket League

A competitive game will pit two teams of three players against each other to see who can earn the most points before the 5-minute timer expires. To score, players must drive their vehicles into the opponent’s net while stopping the competitor from driving the ball into theirs.

There are no positions as in traditional sports. Every contender must have both offensive and defensive abilities. With each player operating their car, collaboration is a vital component of the game and may be the difference between win and defeat. Because of its physics engine, Rocket League has an unusually high skill ceiling.



FIFA 22 feels very different from its predecessor thanks to a slew of very welcome upgrades to both looks and gameplay. The most notable innovation to this year’s game is the inclusion of HyperMotion technology on next-generation consoles.

EA motion-captured the actions and mannerisms of real-life players and transformed them into new animations. It’s not left out without the same drawbacks that have been within the genre for years. Some of its ostensibly improved features still feel like tricks. Anyway, this is the ultimate soccer imitation that resembles a next-generation simulator. 


Football Superstars

Unlike the usual soccer titles, where you choose a team and conquer leagues and championships, here you create one player and lead him to the top. This unusual approach to the simulator brings a share of novelty and originality.

In addition to playing on the virtual field and earning virtual money, your beginner Lionel Messi will be able to upgrade his skills in the gym. He will give interviews in the players’ club, drink, and have fun on the beach.


Bottom Line 

After years of constantly upgrading their FIFA series, EA Sports struck the point with this release. FIFA 22 received rave reviews, highlighting EA Sports’ dominance in the virtual football market. Excellent gameplay and the ability to greatly customize teams and players make this title one of the finest games ever; therefore, this is our top recommendation for you. Try it out and enjoy the best gaming experience of your life!

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