Bordeaux president Gérard Lopez: “It looks like the players’ brothers are playing”

After his side’s 2-0 home loss to fellow strugglers Troyes, Bordeaux president Gérard Lopez spoke to L’Équipe on the issues at the club that have left them bottom of Ligue 1. Lopez said: “If I could put on some boots and play, I would. That’s what’s frustrating. I know what’s being done during the week but on game day it looks like the players’ brothers are playing.”

What is your reaction after this defeat?
“There’s big disappointment because we have players who are intrinsically stronger than what they’re showing on the pitch. We have two big problems: Firstly, we work on things during the week and, as soon as we suffer a setback, we no longer stick to our game plan. Secondly, psychologically, we can’t blame them.. but we’re getting the impression that our players are playing with an unpinned grenade as soon as they get the ball.”

The club strengthened in January and changed coach in February. What are the solutions today?
“It’s useless for an attacker to score in the top corner from 20 meters out if we don’t all respond as a team… This isn’t a club where a few friends meet on Sundays to kick a ball about. It requires commitment, 120% concentration and respect for the game plan. Modern football isn’t just about running and showing goodwill. You have to look at everyone individually.”

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