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Bordeaux’s Ultramarines publish official statement on Benoît Costil

Following the saga between the Bordeaux ultras group, the Ultramarines, and their goalkeeper Benoît Costil, which began on Sunday at half-time during their league game against Montpellier (2-0 defeat), the group have published an official statement explaining their view on the situation, via Twitter.

The Statement

The match against Montpellier, which took place last week, and which saw our club defeated once again just a few gameweeks away from the end of the season, is a major turning point. And not just in a sporting sense. In this respect, and while an unprecedented outpouring of hate is targeted towards us, our group, as well as our spokesperson, it appears very important to express ourselves today.

During the first half, an incident of the utmost importance occurred on the pitch, where Benoît Costil shamelessly attacked Anel Ahmedhozic. No, it was not a “normal part of the game”, as it has sometimes been reported, but a very serious incident. The South Stand was not mistaken, booing the Girondins’ goalkeeper.

An even more serious event, since it aligns with the scandalous behaviour of Costil in the past months, whose influence in the dressing room has been recognised as harmful. These are irrefutable facts for all those who know the reality of the dressing room.

The peak of the issue, while our club is last and the supporters are submerged in sadness but still loyal to their position, the latter allows himself to accuse us, in a scandalous manner and under the eyes of all, of being sell-outs to the new management. These are unjustified and unjustifiable attacks, simply because we have not decided to go ‘Hara-Kiri’ in asking for everyone’s head, during the worst slump the club has seen since the middle of the 20th century.

We must be clear: the words and actions of Benoît Costil are the greatest offence the South Stand has known on the part of a player since its creation. A brilliant compensation for a stand that everyone praises for its loyalty in these abominable times, for its passionate fans who still make financial sacrifices to follow the team over hundreds of kilometres.

This affront should not go without consequences. Also, the squad, through the duty of integrity, owes the truth to the members of the stand.

In the 80th minute, while our team, even with 11 men against 9, was unable to look dangerous and while the match was over, we revealed serious information, which we have known for a long time.

A little under six months ago, we were warned by a former employee of the behaviour and the words of racist nature within the squad, this witness expressly naming Benoît Costil and Laurent Koscielny as responsible. Stunned by the gravity of the facts, we searched to know more. Quickly, this witness was confirmed by one and then a second current employee. Absolutely everything lined up. An internal inquest was undertaken inside the club.

From our side, we chose to wait to reveal this information we had at our disposal, in order not to knock down our club which is going through some very difficult weeks.

This information was finally revealed in the stand on Sunday. It couldn’t be done any other way.

We know that attacking professional players, with the network we know they have, is also exposing oneself. Especially since, as anticipated, the guilty, but equally the victims, are denying completely everything. It happens to be the first time that the dressing room is in solidarity. Faced with this code of silence, the words of some temporary workers of the Girondins de Bordeaux seem not to have any weight.

Let’s be factual: aside from the fact that the witnesses have proved their integrity over many years, they have no reason to lie. The players and their friends have every reason to protect themselves. We’ve spent enough time with the professional world to know its codes, and how it works. We know that it can unfold too.

And what does it matter if we come out a little black and blue? It was our duty to transmit this information to the general public and to put the club in front of its responsibilities.

Today, we believe we have once again played our role as whistleblowers, as we did with the broadcasting of Leaks, as well as other information. He who says we are often wrong is dishonest indeed.

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