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Bruno Génésio: “This could be a match that changes the history of the club.”

Ahead of Rennes’ second leg fixture against Leicester, head coach Bruno Genesio spoke to the press, remaining confident that his side can turn the 2-0 deficit around.

“This could be a match that changes the history of the club a little bit, because it would be the first time we’ve reached a European quarter final. What’s more is, as you’ve said, we’ll have to make a big comeback, so, when you talk about comebacks, you have to talk about exceptional performances,” said the Frenchman.

Asked how such a turnaround might be possible, he responded, “On the pitch, with aggression and pressing from the start of the game to light up the match. We have to already be convinced that it’s possible. That is the case with us. Everyone has to be. We’ll need our supporters, who will be very numerous, to believe, because everything will be possible whatever the situation might be. Comebacks happen thanks to the crowd, we’ll need them to galvanise us. We know we’ll do it, we’re convinced we’ll do it.”

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