Christophe Galtier on Kylian Mbappé: “We’re not going to make him carry all the responsibility.”

In speaking with L’Équipe, new PSG coach Christophe Galtier explained that he’s looking for other members of the PSG squad, who aren’t Kylian Mbappé, to take responsibility for results, while saying he wants to pair the 23-year-old with another striker this season.

Your words on Kylian Mbappé – “we shouldn’t give him all the responsibility for the result” – surprised many, why did you say this when he’s in a constant search for more responsibility?
“It’s my point of view. We’re not going to make him carry all the responsibility. He’s a 23-year-old boy, who has an understanding of events. He knows what people expect from him, but there are also other players around him. I’m not trying to take pressure off him, Kylian knows what he wants, he knows where he wants to go and he knows what he wants to do with his career, automatically he has pressure.”

How do you intend to use him?
“If we want to stay fresh and avoid injuries, we’ll have to find a balance with playing time, but I want to partner him with another striker. Kylian is someone who likes space, is very comfortable technically and is able to play between the lines. When you pair him with another attacker, that player has to be of a different profile though – a reference point in the penalty area.”

It’s going to be hard for him to be ok with not playing every minute, isn’t it?

Because he wants to play all the time.
“They all want to play all the time, and that’s fine. They all want to break records. So much the better. It will be up to me to manage them well so that everyone performs and meets collective and individual objectives.”


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