Christophe Galtier on PSG-OM: “It’s the f*cking pinnacle of French football and we’re not talking about it”

Speaking during a tense press conference, PSG manager Christophe Galtier was not best pleased to be asked about off-pitch matters in the build up to Sunday’s Classique against Marseille at the Parc des Princes. When asked about  revelations surrounding PSG’s use of fake twitter accounts to conduct campaigns against players and the media, the Frenchman said the following, as transcribed by L’Équipe & GFFN:

“Everyone has prepared for the game. I will not comment on this matter. I have players who, since the Champions League match against Benfica, have immersed themselves very quickly in the preparation of the match. It’s the f*cking pinnacle of French football and we don’t want talk about the game. Let me believe it all comes out when there are important games. We can refocus the debate on the football. It’s a top of the table clash, we’re undefeated in all competitions, Marseille have just won their two matches in the Champions League .”


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