Christophe Galtier “regrets” sand yacht comment

Speaking to Canalin the wake of his Paris Saint-Germain team’s 2-1 win over Juventus tonight, Christophe Galtier indicated that he regretted a comment he made yesterday regarding the team’s travel to away games.

Answering a question about the useof a private jet to get to Nantes – two hours away by train – Galtier joked that the club were looking into travelling by sand yacht, while Kylian Mbappé was laughing beside him. The joke prompted a backlash among fans and politicians alike, for whom the manager’s comments were dismissive and insensitive regarding the issue of climate change.

“I regret it, these days you can’t have a laugh. It was a joke at the wrong time. But believe me I am concerned about the planet’s problems. I know the responsibility we have. I’ve heard that we’re disconnected, that’s not the case. The joke was in bad taste. But to turn it into a scandal and makes us look like something we’re not…”

“My players care a lot about the climate, the club cares a lot about that.We went to Lille by bus. We’re aware of what’s at stake. Obviously I regret it, but I think it’s difficult to have a laugh in France. Even if my joke wasn’t great and I quickly realised it when I got home.”


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