Did you know the following about Le Petit Prince, Antoine Griezmann?


Antoine Griezmann is a sensational international football player from France. In addition to playing for the French National Football team, Griezmann also appears as a forward and attacking midfielder for FC Barcelona. His speed, technique and finish make him one of the world’s best footballers. His presence on the pitch spells victory for all his fans, especially those betting on real money online casino casumo, with their team recording their third win in a row last Saturday. 

A professional since 2009, the winger began playing for Athletico Madrid and Real Sociedad before joining the French National team in 2014. This team went ahead to win the World Cup in 2018, then in 2019, he joined Barcelona. As we applaud his well-decorated football resume, let’s have a look at a few lesser-known facts about this French national: 



Tattoos have become an integral part of many footballers’ lives. Every important achievement seems to find its way to their skin, a reminder of the glory days. Since the sport has fans all over the world, footballers get to show the artwork on a global scale. The Athletico Madrid star is not only known for his prowess on the football pitch, but also for his love for tattoos. 

On the inside of his wrist, Antoine has tattooed the Arabic translation of ‘The Little Prince’’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, ‘Make your life a dream and your dream a reality’. On his right bicep, he has a tattoo of Jesus Christ that has an illustration of Christ the Redeemer next to it. On the same right arm, he has a tattoo resembling a rosary with stars and the initials of his family members’ names.

Diego Simeon’s Call

In the wake of Griezmann’s move from Real Sociedad, clubs were tripping over each other trying to get him signed to their teams. Eventually, Athletico Madrid emerged victorious, acquiring Antoine through a phone call from Diego Simeone. Asked about the move, Antoine indicated that the team was willing to pay £23.8 million that he couldn’t turn down. Having the coach vouch for him also played a pivotal role in the decision he made. 

Spongebob Squarepants Boxers

While at Real Sociedad, Griezmann was spotted a few times donning underwear with the cartoon character’s theme. His choice has fascinated many with soccer fans finding it quite bizarre, especially for a man his age and stature. It has been reported that he only wears this item of clothing on match days as his lucky charm.  

Rejected by French Clubs

As a youngster, Antoine Griezmann tried out for local football teams but unfortunately, many of the French clubs rejected him due to his small frame. Determined to pursue his passion, he moved to Sociedad at the age of 14, despite his parents’ objections. Stade de Gerland was where he would go to support Lyon, even though they did not recognize his talent. 

Antoine’s 14-month Ban

Antoine, in the company of 4 other France Under-21 players, was banned from playing for 14 months as punishment for breaking a night-time curfew during the European Championship qualifiers. The named players defied team orders and left the base in Le Havre on October 13/14 to go to a Paris nightclub. This resulted in harsh punishments by the French Football Federation disciplinary committee.

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