Didier Deschamps and Kylian Mbappé’s relationship is better than ever

As in all things in life, everything is easier when you are doing well. However, there does seem to be a bond between France’s manager Didier Deschamps and Kylian Mbappé. L’Équipe’s Tarrago Sebastien reported, reported that, “Never has the relationship between Didier Deschamps and Kylian Mbappé been so perfect.”

There have never been any serious reports of conflict with the PSG star, but as Tarrago Sebastien points out, that does not mean things have always been as they are now. From the report, it seems that Deschamps and his assistant coach, Guy Stéphan, put together a plan to support Mbappé on and off the pitch – psychologically. 

The details of the work that has been done between the player and staff is unclear, but the goal is to put Mbappé in the best possible situation to be successful. With 3 goals and 2 awards for man of the match it appears the plan is going fairly well. 

Deschamps has also been very supportive with his comments about the French striker. Saying things like, “I’ve said it time and time again. He is decisive and makes a difference. He is an exceptional player in an exceptional team.” Deschamps also stated, “Kylian has set winning this World Cup as a goal of his.”

The duo have been together since Mbappé arrival to the senior team in 2017. The development of their relationship and understanding how to manage each player is the duty of a good coach. Whatever efforts Deschamps and his staff are making should commended.  


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