Eduardo Camavinga on winning the Champions League: “I want five, like Karim!”

In an interview with L’Équipe, French midfielder Eduardo Camavinga reacted to winning his first Champions League title last weekend, as Real Madrid beat Liverpool in the final at the Stade de France.

“[On whether coming back down to Earth is difficult] Definitely! I’m still in a dream right now, I’m finding it a bit hard to recover. But we have an [U21] match against Serbia and I’m focused on that game. But it boosts you, it gives you confidence. I don’t think I’ve fully realised it for now, and that it will come during the holidays. I’ll be relaxing and say to myself: “Wow, that was crazy.””

“[On what his lasting memory will be] Honestly I don’t know, because I want to keep everything in mind. I took some videos! It was very emotional to experience it with my family on the pitch after the game. What I’ll remember most of all is taking a picture with my little brother, and I made it my phone background straight away.”

“It’s a start. I want to win as many titles as possible. I want to win more, there are also other competitions, I don’t want to rest on my laurels. I want to win many Champions Leagues, five like Karim [Benzema]! But I’m already very satisfied to have made an impact when I came on in the competition and to have brought something to the table.”

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