Emmanuel Macron wants Zinedine Zidane to manage a top French club

In an interview with RMCFrench President Emmanuel Macron revealed that he hopes that former Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane manages in Ligue 1. 

Asked if he would like Zidane to take the helm at PSG, he replied: “I haven’t spoken to Zidane, but I have immense admiration for him as a player and as a manager, and we really want to have him in our championship.”

He continued, “We really want a sportsman and a coach of this talent in this championship- one who was able to win three big cups (the Champions League) that we covet for our clubs. I hope that, for the standing of our championship in France, he comes back, and that he comes and manages a big French club. That would be great!”

My role is to say that France is a huge sporting nation, a huge footballing nation, that has a great sport-loving public. It’s important for us that the best that we have trained, who have then perhaps shone internationally, can come back.” 

Zidane has been heavily linked to the PSG managerial position, and it is thought that the Qatari ownership are keen for the World Cup winner to replace Mauricio Pochettino. 

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