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Etienne Capoue explains why he doesn’t watch or follow football

In speaking with L’Équipe, former Watford, Tottenham and France midfield Etienne Capoue, now with Villarreal, explained that he doesn’t follow football at all. Ahead of his side’s Champions League quarter-final second leg with Bayern Munich this week, the now 33-year-old explained he disconnects completely from the game after training or a match:

“It allows me to have more balance and to play with more freedom. I’ve also never been interested, that’s been the case throughout my career. For me, it’s just a pleasure to switch off completely after training or a match. I don’t watch any games. Maybe with my eight-year-old son starting to play football and forcing me to watch matches… but… pfff… for me, it’s boring (laughs). There are a lot of players I don’t know. My teammates laugh a lot. They say to me: ‘What do you mean you don’t know this player?’ Because I don’t watch football, I don’t have social media. I’m disconnected from all that.”


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