Feature | Allegations and incantations: the latest from l’Affaire Pogba

Mathias Pogba’s twitter account came to life again on Friday morning, in what were automated tweets prepared in advance with the use of bots. He posted 30 videos of revelations against his brother Paul Pogba whilst he was still in police custody. Pogba has detailed the full extent of his allegations towards his brother Paul with regard to claims of the former resorting to a witch doctor. 

Mathias is currently in provisional detention but has indicated that the tweets were scheduled beforehand should he be rendered unavailable to go through on his threat of bringing the “revelations” to light. He was taken into custody after turning himself in earlier this month to police investigating the case of organised armed extortion against his own brother.

Serge Aurier, Alou Diarra, and the Euro 2016 final butterflies:

Pogba claims that his brother had become a follower of a witch doctor close to former French international Alou Diarra, who he met via right-back Serge Aurier. Mathias adds that this “with doctor Ibrahim”, via an unwitting  intermediary “Mam’s”  sought to isolate Paul from his family, and was paid a bi-monthly sum of €75,000 to €100,000.

L’Équipe  reached out to both Alou Diarra and current Ivory Coast full-back Serge Aurier. Both players rejected the allegations made by Mathias.

In one video, he explains that Paul used this relationship with a with doctor to cast curses on a number of his teammates including Kylian Mbappé. Other tasks included asking the intermediary to bury a piece of paper under the pitch to supposedly cast curses. He also claims that Paul asked the witch for help in winning certain competitions – “Like in the Euro 2016 final, where strange things happened such as the swarm of butterflies before the match.”, or for the Europa League final in 2017.

Mathias’s claims that Paul used a witch doctor to ‘neutralise’ Kylian Mbappé in 2019:

 Another astonishing claim is that his brother Paul resorted to witchcraft in order to help Manchester United beat Paris Saint-Germain in a Champions League round of 16 tie in 2019.

“The turning point came with the World Cup in 2018, where Paul had more faith in the witch doctor than in God, entrusting the witch with a big task in order to help the French team win. The witch doctor would go on to tell Mam’s [the intermediary] that the job had already been done, and that was when Mam’s would start to be scared. After that, Paul continued with his witch doctor, notaby in the Champions League to ensure that Manchester United would go through against PSG [in 2019].”

“At the request of Paul, the witch was told to neutralise Kylian Mbappé who back then was on a rapid rise, far outstripping Paul’s fame. It was strange to see that during that match Kylian was a shadow of himself against a reserve side.”

Paul Pogba’s relationship to organised crime:

Mathias Pogba also explained how his brother Paul is allegedly in cahoots with organised crime. 

“The second subject is my brother’s collusion with organised crime. A lot of people will be shocked, struggle to understand it, but it is the truth. And that is why our family and those close to us are in danger today, because know, as he admitted in his documentary, my brother has always had criminals and delinquents in his entourage. And he still has today. If it was just about friendship, that would be fine, the problem is that he has used those relationships and their name, in part to protect him in the streets, but also to do business with them, with the aim of getting these criminals to do things for him. That they shed blood for him.”

“I was not aware of the extent of this until this affair, up until my brother betrayed his henchmen without warning anyone, abandoning my sister, my mother and me. Allowing for his family and those close to him to become a target of these bandits. From of those close to us, have already been attacked and shot at because of him. And the only reason that they did not go to the authorities was because of fear of retaliation.”

The open letter addressed to Paul Pogba, his ‘little brother’ :

Mathias Pogba also published an open letter to his brother on Twitter, in which he doubled down on his wider claims, but also added some personal allegations against the Juventus midfielder which especially concern Mathias’ alleged involvement in the attempted armed extortion of his brother last March.

“As expected I am where you wanted me to be, Paul. When you got Adrien arrested by lying, I already knew that you wanted to get me arrested and that it would happen.”

“And I really knew that you were ready to do anything to keep me quiet when they suggested to our childhood friends to forget the criminals who are after us, to spare themselves from your anger by abandoning me and blaming everything on me, by accusing me of being the only one responsible. So that you could tell everyone and especially your family that I’m the bad guy. Well done my brother, you must be happy with yourself even if you’ll hide it in front of others. But you can mislead others, but the family knows you who are and who I am.”

Read the full letter here.

A threatening message sent from Mathias Pogba’s phone to Paul Pogba – a month before his initial allegations:

Le Parisien revealed later in the day a threatening message sent from Mathias Pogba to brother Paul Pogba, just a month before the former’s initial allegations about the latter. 

Listen to me carefully. Today, Mam (Mahamadou Magassa, former friend of Pogba who is also in custody), the ‘big red hornet’ [le grand frelon rouge] and I almost lost our lives because of what you did to the young French national team player. I am aware of everything. We are here today because of your cowardice and your selfishness.”

Now it’s very simple: you’re going to send them the payment that they asked for as quickly as possible. Otherwise, I swear to God, I’ll call Mbappé’s parents and all of the world’s media. I’ll tell them everything in detail. I’ll give you five days to settle things with Adama (another suspect). If you don’t do it, keep your eye on the news!”

What has happened so far?

France Info reported last month that Paul Pogba informed police investigators that his brother, Mathias, has been part of a concerted effort to blackmail him for €13m.

The matter came to light through the publication of a video on social media by Mathias Pogba, who claimed he was about the expose major revelations about his brother, Kylian Mbappé and Rafaela Pimenta. This announcement by the striker was then followed on Sunday by an official communiqué from Paul Pogba’s camp, affirming that the ex-Manchester United man was currently the subject of a blackmail attempt.

It has since been confirmed that French prosecutors have opened an investigation into the possible “attempted blackmail by an organised gang.” Mathias Pogba then took to social media to claim that the media was attempting to spin things and that his brother has lied to Italian authorities.

During various interviews with the authorities, Paul Pogba is understood to have said that he was trapped by childhood friends and two hooded men armed with assault rifles during an incident in Paris. A gang that demanded €13m from him, of which his brother Mathias Pogba would be a part.

The 2018 world champion claims to be the victim of threats and attempted extortion from his older brother and childhood friends.

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