FFF and Amnesty International push for compensation fund for Qatar construction workers

RMC Sport report that Amnesty International are pushing for a compensation fund to be set up for the workers of Qatar’s construction sites ahead of the 2022 World Cup, an initiative which is being supported by the French Football Federation.

A congress held at the FFF headquarters on Tuesday saw the NGO’s representative Lola Schulmann explain that FIFA would be making $6bn in profits from the tournament, and call for a $440m sum to go towards the compensation fund – a figure she explains as being symbolic but necessary, in the sense that the total awarded to teams will be that same amount.

Schulmann added that Amnesty had contacted the World Cup sponsors to get their support, with some welcoming the idea – namely Coca-Cola, McDonald’s Budweiser, Adidas – and others not responding.

The FFF’s vice-president Philippe Diallo was also present, and indicated that measures had been put forward to FIFA and the organising committee, including a welcome centre for migrant workers, the compensation fund, and a special captain’s armband. Diallo insisted that there a need to foster progress in the country rather than boycott the tournament.

The Guardian have reported that since the World Cup was awarded to Qatar, over 6,500 migrant workers have died in the Gulf state, many of whom on construction sites linked to the tournament.


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