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Full World Cup 2022 Schedule and Kick-Off Times

Organisers have announced the exact kick-off times for the 2022 World Cup ahead of this coming November’s tournament in Qatar, meaning the draw is now fully complete. Here is the full schedule, games are listed with their UK times and the group concerned in brackets:

Monday 21st November:
10am – Senegal v Holland (A)
1pm – England v Iran (B)
4pm – Qatar v Ecuador (A)
7pm – USA v Ukraine/Wales/Scotland (B)

Tuesday 22nd November:
10am – Argentina v Saudi Arabia (C)
1pm – Denmark v Tunisia (D)
4pm – Mexico v Poland (C)
7pm – France v UAE/Australia/Peru (D)

Wednesday 23rd November:
10am – Morocco v Croatia (F)
1pm – Germany v Japan (E)
4pm – Spain v New Zealand/Costa Rica (E)
7pm – Belgium v Canada (F)

Thursday 24th November:
10am – Switzerland v Cameroon (G)
1pm – Uruguay v South Korea (H)
4pm – Portugal v Ghana (H)
7pm – Brazil v Serbia (G)

Friday 25th November:
10am – Ukraine/Wales/Scotland v Iran (B)
1pm – Qatar v Senegal (A)
4pm – Holland v Ecuador (A)
7pm – England v USA (B)

Saturday 26th November:
10am – Tunisia v UAE/Australia/Peru (D)
1pm – Poland v Saudi Arabia (C)
4pm – France v Denmark (D)
7pm – Argentina v Mexico (C)

Sunday 27th November:
10am – Japan v New Zealand/Costa Rica (E)
1pm – Belgium v Morocco (F)
4pm – Croatia v Canada (F)
7pm – Spain v Germany (E)

Monday 28th November:
10am – Cameroon v Serbia (G)
1pm – South Korea v Ghana (H)
4pm – Brazil v Switzerland (G)
7pm – Portugal v Uruguay (H)

Tuesday 29th November:
3pm – Holland v Qatar (A)
3pm – Ecuador v Senegal (A)
7pm – Iran v USA (B)
7pm – England v Ukraine/Wales/Scotland (B)

Wednesday 30th November:
3pm – Tunisia v France (D)
3pm – Denmark v UAE/Australia/Peru (D)
7pm – Poland v Argentina (C)
7pm – Saudi Arabia v Mexico (C)

Thursday 1st December:
3pm – Canada v Morocco (F)
3pm – Croatia v Belgium (F)
7pm – Germany v New Zealand/Costa Rica (E)
7pm – Japan v Spain (E)

Friday 2nd December:
3pm – Ghana v Uruguay (H)
3pm – South Korea v Portugal (H)
7pm – Serbia v Switzerland (G)
7pm – Cameroon v Brazil (G)

Saturday 3rd December:
3pm – Group A 1st v Group B 2nd (Last 16, Game 49)
7pm – Group C 1st v Group D 2nd (Last 16, Game 50)

Sunday 4th December:
3pm – Group D 1st v Group C 2nd (Last 16, Game 52)
7pm – Group B 1st v Group A 2nd (Last 16, Game 51)

Monday 5th December:
3pm – Group E 1st v Group F 2nd (Last 16, Game 53)
7pm – Group G 1st v Group H 2nd (Last 16, Game 54)

Tuesday 6th December:
3pm – Group F 1st v Group E 2nd (Last 16, Game 55)
7pm – Group H 1st v Group G 2nd (Last 16, Game 56)

Friday 9th December:
3pm – Game 53 Winner v Game 54 Winner (QF, Game 58)
7pm – Game 49 Winner v Game 50 Winner (QF, Game 57)

Saturday 10th December:
3pm – Game 55 Winner v Game 56 Winner (QF, Game 60)
7pm – Game 51 Winner v Game 52 Winner (QF, Game 59)

Tuesday 13th December:
7pm – Game 57 Winner v Game 58 Winner (SF, Game 61)

Wednesday 14th December:
7pm – Game 59 Winner v Game 60 Winner (SF, Game 62)

Saturday 17th December:
7pm – Third Place Play-off

Sunday 18th December:
7pm – Final

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