German intermediary reason for Alexander Djiku’s failed Hoffenheim move

Santi Aouna is reporting that Alexander Djiku’s (27) transfer from Strasbourg to Hoffenheim broke down when a German intermediary agency attempted to take a margin of the commission of the deal. 

It was originally reported by L’Équipe that the deal fell apart when Djiku’s brother, who is also his agent, asked for an increased commission at the last minute. The agent hit back at those claims, revealing that Hoffenheim had in fact given him an ultimatum to drop the commission by 3%. 

Aouna now reveals that a German intermediary in the deal attempted to take a cut of the commission of the Djiku transfer, causing the deal to collapse at the last minute. 

Djiku’s entourage denies having received an offer of a 10% commission on the transfer, which would have been the equivalent of €1.4m. The true figure was a 7% commission, which is the equivalent of €1m, whilst the entourage also denies that they demanded a €1.8m sum, which had been touted by various media outlets. 


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