Hugo Lloris: “Tottenham has a rich history even if it’s less well known in France.”

Between France’s two friendly matches in this international break, Hugo Lloris, captain and goalkeeper of the team, spoke to French radio station Europe 1, in an interview broadcast last night. A section of the interview covered his time at Tottenham.

“The club has a rich history even if it’s slightly less well known in France than other clubs,” said the 35-year-old. “But it has a pretty significant history. It’s coming up 10 years that I’ve been there now and it’s still a pleasure. We make career choices and we always ask ourselves the right questions. But when I had the opportunity, after four years spent at Lyon, I wanted to go out of my comfort zone a bit, to question myself and to go looking for new challenges. That’s how I found myself in the Premier League.”

He continued to discuss his experience with the seven different managers he has worked with at the club over the last decade. “I’ve learnt from all [my managers]. I’ve built myself as a player, but also as a man through these men and managers. At Tottenham, I had the André Villas-Boas experience. Then I had a very short experience with Tim Sherwood. Especially, I had this experience with Mauricio Pochettino. For ma, that went beyond the world of football, there’s a friendly relationship that was created. Even if we knew the majority of things, I learnt a lot by their sides. There’s also been José Mourinho and Antonio Conte now. There’s a lot to learn from them.”

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