Interview | Jerôme Rothen: “Philippe Clement found his feet.”

Speaking to GFFN journalist Luke Entwistle, Jerôme Rothen praised AS Monaco’s end-of-season run, which saw them reach an unlikely podium position.

“The third place was logical for Monaco over the course of the season, even if the way the last match panned out out was regrettable. But it was undreamt of that they would be in that position. For me, they looked in trouble after the elimination against Braga, they looked like a team on the decline, but the coach found his feet. To remotivate a team isn’t an easy task so he’s done an enormous job. The players had a real professional conscience at the end of the season, so it’s deserved due to what they did in the final 10 matches.”

The Rothen s’enflamme host continued, “To reach higher, it’s always the same: they need to be more consistent. Being in European competition is also part of the DNA of the club. You can’t be being eliminated by clubs like Braga, I say that with respect for Portuguese football, but I think Monaco are well above all of that. It’s very difficult to finish on the podium in France, there are lots of teams that fight for that place, including Monaco, who pulled it off during those final 10 matches.”

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