Investigators believe Aminata Diallo has a split personality disorder

An article published today in the Journal du dimanche indicates that investigators believe Aminata Diallo, the former Paris Saint-Germain midfielder who is suspected of ordering the assault on her ex-teammate Kheira Hamraoui, has shown “worrying” character traits “to say the least” and appears to have a split personality disorder.

Diallo had been arrested for a second time last week, having been held in custody shortly after the attack last November as well. She was then placed under provisional detention before being released under legal supervision five days later. She is not allowed to leave France or contact anyone involved in the case. She is charged with “serious violence” and “criminal conspiracy”.

According to wiretaps used by the police, Diallo is said to have brushed off the attack in a conversation with another teammate seven months after the event – “She says she’s a victim of assault, no one gives a sh*t, we really don’t give a f***. […] Did she die? Mate, nothing happened to her, she wasn’t even in hospital for one day, they missed her – smash her face in, she deserves it.”

They also reportedly found that the midfielder often spoke with a young woman identified as Ilyana B, with whom she appeared to be in a romantic relationship with. She is said to have used a lower voice in their calls and sought to pass off as a man named Bilel, leading investigators to believe she has a split personality disorder. The examining magistrate could reportedly be led to call for a psychologist’s expertise for Diallo.


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