Jack Grealish: “With Guardiola, if you are a left winger, you stay there.”

Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe Magazine, Manchester City’s Jack Grealish was asked about the differences in his tactical positioning at Aston Villa versus under Pep Guardiola.

“At Villa, I was in theory playing on the left, but in the matches themselves, I was authorised to change position if I felt that it was necessary. With Pep, obviously, it is different. He tells me to feel free, but in a structured shape, with a precise position on the pitch. With him, if you are a left winger, well then you stay on the left. But obviously you do not complain, because he is the best manager.”

On the difficulty of integrating into the Manchester City set-up:

I thought that it would be easier, that this was just football, after all. But in reality I have had to adapt to a new club, a new manager, new team-mates… I also had to integrate (into my game) what Pep was expecting from me.

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