Key Bordeaux sponsor continues to support Gérard Lopez: “I have complete faith.”

Speaking to RTL, Marc Vanhove, CEO of restaurant chain Bistro Régent, a key sponsor of Girondins de Bordeaux, who this week were provisionally relegated to the French 3rd division owing to financial trouble, maintained his total confidence in under-fire club president Gérard Lopez.

“It is not at all a surprise: in reality, like each time, several clubs are relegated (for financial reasons), they appeal, come back with something more refined. Obviously, the fact that Bordeaux have been relegated to National 1 will put pressure on the bank Fortress and King Street: they are going to be obligated to put €5m to €10m each into the club, otherwise they lose it all.”

“I have total confidence in Lopez and his team to put the pressure on the Americans and the bank so that they participate, in quote marks, to stabilising the financial ship. And we, we will stay, you never jump a ship that is rocking, that is not my mentality.”

“For me, I have given millions of Euros to the club since I have been a sponsor. There are those who criticise me, but those people buy a ticket to go to the stadium, whilst I, with the millions I have put in, could have bought myself one of the most beautiful villas in the Arcachon basin. I am Bordelais, I support the club because I like football, I do not see how anyone can criticise me.”


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