Lens manager Franck Haise: “We were missing a lot”

Following RC Lens’ derby day defeat (their first this season) to Lille on Sunday evening, manager Franck Haise spoke of his disappointment in the following press match press conference, in which he regretted not having enough chances to score in the second half after going behind practically at half time, as transcribed by L’Équipe

What is your feeling after the derby loss at Lille ?

Disappointment when you lose a match when it hasn’t happened for a while is bound to happen. A derby even more so. In the first half, we can have some regrets, we did some good things, we must open the score. But in the second half, we lacked a lot of things to have real regrets about the game. We should have had more balance. The only real chance we had was a shot from very far away (70th). We didn’t have enough clear-cut chances to have any real regrets about the game.

Florian Sotoca was struggling in this match…

Our positional play was not perfect, especially on the right side. We caused problems on the left, but rarely on the right. It’s not just Flo’, it’s the overall positioning that wasn’t good enough. When we lose we do it together. He missed the penalty and he blames himself, but he shouldn’t blame himself too much, because football is made of mistakes. It happens to everyone, even Flo.

What do you attribute the difficulties in the game to?
They came to press us a lot, we had difficulties to get the ball out cleanly, that added to the frustration. We didn’t have much control and Lille were very intense. We needed to be much more accurate, something we almost never managed in the second half.


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