Lens midfielder Séko Fofana ambiguous on his future

Speaking to La Voix du Nord following Lens’ draw against Monaco on the final day of the season, midfielder Séko Fofana was evasive on his future, having given a speech to fans at the final whistle.

If it depended on you, would you stay at Lens?

It doesn’t just depend on me. These are questions that we will calmly get to. There was a project in place and the directors are satisfied. We’re going to discuss it peacefully. I’d like to thank all of the people who have shown me respect, who have give me the best conditions in which to show my talents. I’m very happy and grateful.

Have you ever had as much love for the club?

I’ve been in many clubs, Lens will always be in my heart. […] I’ve really enjoyed myself, I’ve grown, I’ve taken on responsibilities. I’m very grateful. They’ve given me the opportunity to show everything I can do.

You’re speaking in the past tense…

Yes, because you never know what can happen next. I’m acting like it’s my final game, but we’re not set, we don’t know what could happen. The season is over, it makes sense that I’d be speaking in the past tense.

Do you think it would be hard for you to say no to a high salary or for the club to say no to a high offer?

You know, in football not everything is about salary, you also have wellbeing, and a lot of things to take into account. You also need freshness. We’ve been working well for two years. Everything depends on how the club and I see things. I can’t give you any indications right now. What’s sure is that I’ve really enjoyed myself with some fantastic teammates. And I hope the objectives will be even higher next year.

What if a Champions League club comes knocking?

No idea. The season before coming to Lens, I had the chance to go to a Champions League club, but I turned it down to come to Lens. For me, everything is possible, it’s all about instinct. As long as the club shows me that they really want me to stay. There’s no deadline, it’s unclear for me. I’m completely in the dark, I don’t know what’s going to happen.


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