Ligue 2 and National clubs call out suspected free shirt scam

RMC Sport report this afternoon that a legal complaint is set to be made after several Ligue 2 and National clubs accused a family of claiming their child was sick in order to receive free shirts.

The affair began yesterday when Bourg en Bresse-Péronnas’ social media manager Thomas Félix claimed to have been scammed by two parents who said that their child was suffering from Leukemia and had left the town six months previously. 

In total, around 20 clubs have allegedly sent shirts, with the father using his neighbour’s address and name in order to receive them. As a result, a legal complaint is set to be made for identity theft in the coming hours.

Various social media managers of clubs have told RMC Sport that the family used different names and different illnesses each time – it remains unclear as to whether the child is actually sick.

The father is reportedly in the process of sending the shirts back, with the original tweet by Félix having been deleted in exchange for their return. The original thread on Twitter contained pictures of the child along with the different email addresses.


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