Luís Campos met Kylian Mbappé & Neymar on Sunday following ‘penalty-gate’

According to Le Parisien, PSG sporting director Luís Campos met together with Kylian Mbappé and Neymar the day following PSG’s thrashing of Montpellier in order to quash the outfall of what is now being known as ‘penalty-gate’.

Neymar and Mbappé admitted at the end of the meeting that the incident was over, with the dressing room expecting them to show solidarity.

The Portuguese director as well as boss Christophe Galtier reminded the two strikers that their behaviour should not at any time be detrimental to the team’s performance and that any dirty laundry should be dealt with internally and not on the pitch in front of the cameras – a remark which was specifically aimed at the Frenchman, who, after not receiving a pass from Vitinha made a gesture of his displeasure by not joining in the PSG attack.

Neymar has made it clear that he was confused in his status as number two penalty taker with the second penalty awarded in the same game. He knows that his Twitter activity has displeased and he has called out by PSG’s management on that front too.

Mbappé is said to have visibly been in a bad mood at the training ground in the past week, which his teammates noticed but were unaware as to the reasons – it was then reported after the match on Saturday evening that the forward was experiencing “personal issues”.

Having struggled in the first 25 minutes in the lead-up to his missed penalty, the fact that Neymar decided to take the second was ostensibly the straw that broke the camel’s back for the Frenchman. Having been designated the penalty taker for the match, he should have in theory taken the second, although the coaching staff saw no sporting issue with the change given the Brazilian’s good form.

Neymar was not impressed by Mbappé’s behaviour in the build up to the second penalty, as shown by a series of liked tweets after the match.The player’s entourage did not want to add to the tension, but it was nevertheless indicated that the former Barcelona man could not be just another player at Mbappé’s service, especially considering his recent form.

Kylian Mbappé would not have been against a Neymar departure this summer, with his team even said to be pushing for it in the wake of his contract extension over what the Frenchman saw as his teammate’s discipline issues.



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