Marcelo Bielsa claiming €3m from Marseille

RMC Sport report this afternoon that Marcelo Bielsa is claiming €3m in compensation from Marseille, seven years after he left the club, with his lawyers having appeared before the labour court’s council today.

Bielsa left the club right after the first match of his second season, in 2015/16, announcing his decision when the club had lost to Caen, having explained that the decision was over a dispute surrounding his contract.

The Argentine’s lawyers claim that Marseille did not keep its promise of a 25% raise in the manager’s salary between the first and second season, and have pointed the finger at the club’s “dishonest strategy”. They have alleged that the club withdrew the raise at the last minute.

In total, Bielsa is claiming €2,775,000 in the difference in salary for the 2015/16 season, as well as €20,000 in psychological damages and €180,000 in image-related damages, as they claim he took the blame for the departure in the eyes of the public. The court is set to make its decision known on January 27.


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