Mathias Pogba “clarifies” claims against brother Paul

In a lengthy social media post, Mathias Pogba has offered “clarifications” regarding his accusations against his brother Paul Pogba. 

According to information posted by France Info, Mathias is potentially involved in an extortion plot worth €13m. He has now once again taken to social media in order to clarify his accusations. 

Hello everyone, what a crazy start to the week! I have to say, lots of people and media have decided that Paul’s words are the ultimate truth without needing to verify because it’s a star who said them and so the person who didn’t have such a career should just shut up. Yes, I know some mock the truth because of their fanaticism towards the Great Paul Pogba, and for others, there is only the World Cup that matters. Many would have just shut their eyes if Michael (Jackson), MJ, had given us another Billie Jean.”

“Honestly, I can’t do anything about willful blinding. So I am addressing myself to those who want to truly understand. I remind you as well that at the beginning, I only said that I was going to release things, but in the end, I didn’t reveal anything. It’s the little Paul, panicked and poorly advised who sent in his black-robed soldiers. It is he who began to reveal things about himself and in a guided and arranged way and all I have done since is responded.”

“Because all of Paul’s statements, from the hearing at the start of August – before my videos – to the response from his lawyers and the responses, from his supporters, are only intended to drag my name through the mud. So I’m asking myself: why rush to affirm that what I had to say concerned just witchcraft?”

“Because it would be difficult to talk about the so-called blackmail in this case? So wouldn’t it be better to better to hurry to hammer home that the big brother is just a jealous, money-grabbing person, ready to do anything to discredit him before he speaks? Isn’t that what all false accounts in my name are all about? No, we don’t accept conspiracies here! The public is getting annoyed and calling treason without knowing anything. If the big brother was obliged to express himself publicly because he risks losing his life or his liberty because of the fact that his little brother, wants him either dead or in prison, isn’t it then the little brother (Paul), who has betrayed?”

“Or is it less serious because he is a world star, and me a normal person, and all those like me, should accept death in silence for the glory of the unjust prodigy!? Of course, some would like that, but sorry, I don’t agree. Be like that if you like! Even if you don’t believe it, I’m fighting for my life and that of my family to escape the control and the trap of this brother. The world is based on appearances, thinking that everything is beautiful at our place, but the reality is that there is a suffering family in danger. That’s because of my brother, who because of fame and money has long since lost his notion of reality. People talk about getting your house in order but if the brother doesn’t want to speak and persists in destroying the family, what choice is left?”

“As a result, the only path to survival that I have is to unveil his lies and his deception. That’s why I confirmed his witchcraft because what matters here is not whether it works or whether you believe me or not, it is that it is malicious because these practices expect that you do bad things for their rituals with the will to harm. Also, I ask, didn’t Paul deny resorting to witch doctors? Then why did he reveal that to the investigator: “Pogba admitted to police to having paid a witch doctor in his entourage to protect himself from injuries” (source: Franceinfo [sic]).”

“Does protecting yourself from injuries require paying millions of euros to this witch for years? (especially since it didn’t work). And the investigators and the tax authorities will be able to easily verify that with the Central Bank of London. Also, in his dedication to discredit all those who know his little secrets, Paul claims that the money that he offered to his childhood friends was extorted, easy to say to the media, but what if this money is justified by official, saved documents, and if there is proof of an agreed action!? That’s not the same, is it? In any case, I am happy to be supported in this ordeal and I am very grateful to my big brothers and those who have believed in me. To finish, just be a bit patient, the unveiling of the lies and my own version of the facts is coming!!!”


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