Mathias Pogba release denied after his new videos put “pressure” on Paul Pogba

As reported by Le Parisien, Mathias Pogba’s latest set of videos posted on social media last month in relation to the ongoing scandal involving the alleged attempt to blackmail his brother Paul Pogba have backfired on Mathias.

Across 20 videos, Mathias continued to make accusations against Paul released on September 23rd during a period of detention for the older Pogba brother. The videos have reportedly angered authorities and dissuaded them from allowing Mathias’ release, as asked for by his lawyer, Yassine Bouzrou. 

As quoted by the Paris paper, at the end of last month investigators stated that “videos showing the indicted as well as multiple messages containing renewed forms of pressure on Paul Pogba were published on September 23rd via Twitter and TikTok accounts usually used by the party in question… These recent events raise even more serious questions about his involvement, his intentions vis-à-vis the complainant and his position in relation to the facts over which he has been indicted.”

Four other suspects have been detained for alleged “extortion with a weapon, kidnapping in an organized gang and criminal association” after Paul was allegedly taken at gunpoint to a Paris apartment during the March international break by a gang who demanded €13m for supposedly protecting him. Mathias is not part of this investigation as his absence from events that night has been proven.


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