Mathias Pogba to be imprisoned whilst awaiting magistrate’s armed extortion verdict

According to L’Équipe Mathias Pogba is set to be provisionally incarcerated before being presented to a magistrate on Saturday, as part of the investigation into the attempted armed extortion of his brother, Paul Pogba. He is set to be imprison whilst awaiting the verdict.

The Paris prosecutor’s office has Pogba, along with four other suspects – aged from 27 to 36 in temporary custody due to an ongoing investigation by the Central Office of Organised Crime. 

The former Guinean international striker denied being part of this extortion attempt. But while in police custody, he admitted to being behind a threatening video, posted on social networks on 27 August, in which he promised to make “big revelations” of an “explosive” nature about the Juventus star and his Brazilian lawyer and agent, Rafaela Pimenta as reported by Le Parisien.

Franceinfo reported this morning that Mathias Pogba is set to face an examining magistrate ahead of a potential investigation procedure. RMC were indicating last night that he was due to be taken to the legal tribunal this morning. All five of the people who were taken into custody since the start of the week, as part of the investigation into an alleged armed extortion and blackmail attempt against Paul Pogba, will face the judge this Saturday morning.

Franceinfo add that the Juventus midfielder’s older brother said he did not write the script for the video, and had recorded it at the home of another one of the suspects, a 37-year-old with a reportedly hefty criminal past. Investigators suspect the latter is at the heart of the situation. He was taken into custody earlier in the week, having been readying himself to flee abroad.

George Boxall – GFFN Editor




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