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Mattéo Guendouzi: “We have to keep this mentality”

Following Marseille’s important 4-1 win over Brest last night, which propelled them up the table into second place, Mattéo Guendouzi spoke to RMC Sport about the game and this week’s upcoming fixtures.

“The victory was well deserved, we controlled the match, it’s a really nice win. We did some great stuff with the ball and we stayed strong without it. It was important to win, it’s also nice to get back into second place, which is really important to us. If we continue like that, we’re on the right track. With the previous bad results, we needed to bounce back. Tonight we got the three points but also the way in which we achieved it. We have to keep this mentality – tonight everyone had it, even those on the bench. It bodes really well for what’s next. Have we found our system? It doesn’t matter. You have to adapt to the team you’re facing. It’s not the system that wins or loses the match.”

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