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Mauricio Pochettino defends Edouard Michut, asks for red card to be cancelled

In speaking after his PSG side’s 3-0 win at Angers last might, Paris coach Mauricio Pochettino defended young midfielder Edouard Michut following a late red card after the 18-year-old studs connected with Angers defender Romain Thomas’ shin, as he himself was tackled by Angers’ Enzo Ebosse. Pochettino explained:  

“I think there was a foul, he’s connected with the leg. It was quite high but the collision was involuntary, Edouard didn’t do it on purpose. I don’t understand the red card, even if the connection was, of course, dangerous. It really wasn’t his doing, I’m very disappointed with this and hope they can review the images and remove the card.”

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