Mauricio Pochettino on Jorge Sampaoli touchline antics: “We don’t play PlayStation here”

In speaking after his PSG side’s 2-1 win over Marseille, Paris coach Mauricio Pochettino criticised OM manager Jorge Sampaoli’s famously fiery touchline presence, saying: “We don’t play PlayStation here.” Pochettino said:

“I don’t think a coach should jump or shout in his technical area so that his players can hear them more. Often, it achieves the opposite effect. The serenity of having prepared thoroughly for a match, when the players know what to do, gives peace of mind to the staff and the coach. I don’t play football with a control pad. Many people play Football Manager or their PlayStations at home, but here we’re not playing on a PlayStation, this is professional football. We’re there at training all week to work and to train and we’re also attentive to what we can change.”

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