Migrant workers remain unpaid before World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup is edging closer with every passing day, and it is now less than three weeks before the global extravaganza kicks off in Qatar.

However, the World Cup has been marred with controversies, with allegations of violation of human rights, migrant workers treated wrongly, and multiple irregularities in and around the region already plaguing the atmosphere and the anticipation.

L’Équipe report that the migrant workers in Qatar have continued to denounce their working conditions. While it was previously reported that they had to bear with long working hours, the non-payment of their wages has now become a bigger issue.

As per the two reports published by International Labour Organization (ILO), 34,425 complaints of migrant workers not being paid by their employers were registered between October 2021 and October 2022. It is also mentioned that 66.5 per cent of those complaints were settled outside the court, while the law intervened in 30.7 per cent of the cases, with the judge agreeing with the workers’ claims in 84 per cent of those instances.

GFFN | Jyotirmoy Halder

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