MLS commissioner Don Garber “felt insulted” by Neymar comments

As reported by RMC, MLS commissioner Don Garber responded angrily to suggestions by PSG forward Neymar that he might enjoy a spell in MLS at the end of his career, the inference being that the Brazilian would like to retire in the US. Garber said:

“We don’t need to bring in big names at the end of their careers because they’ve decided to retire in MLS. If they don’t want come to play and make a significant contribution to the league, respecting the league and the fans, we don’t want them. When Zlatan left, nobody said he was going to Italy to retire there. Honestly, I felt insulted… [Ibrahimović] worked hard in MLS and does so in Serie A. I don’t really understand why we are seen differently but that’s how it is.”

Speaking on a Twitch stream hosted by well-known Brazilian streamer Gaules earlier this week, Neymar had explained:

“I have some doubts about being able to play again in Brazil again, I don’t know, but I would love to play in the United States. I’d like to play there for at least one season. For Brazil, sometimes I want to, others I don’t. The main reason for me to play in MLS is that the season is short, so it would give me three months of vacation. That way, I could play for a few more years. (laughs)”

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