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Montpellier President Laurent Nicollin warns for the future of French football

Speaking on French radio station Europe 1 last month, Montpellier President Laurent Nicollin gave his point of view on the situation that French football currently finds itself in.

“We have the fourth or fifth biggest league and if we’re not careful, if we don’t have better TV rights, if we don’t have better performing stadiums, if we don’t have more adequate structures at all clubs, we’ll regress. But I also think it’s a good source of motivation to say that we don’t want to end up in that situation,” said the president of the Foot Unis union.

He continued to highlight the importance of the league’s biggest club, explaining that “we also have to recognise that without PSG, which is one of the most structured and financially evolved European clubs, Ligue 1 would be even worse-off. So we have to preserve PSG, we have to preserve the other big clubs who also ought to grow.”

But Nicollin remains optimistic, arguing that, “despite everything, I think that this year we have a pretty attractive league. There are a lot of great matches and plenty of goals. We’re on the right track, but financially, it’s certainly complicated.”

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