More French towns to follow Lille in boycotting World Cup

Following yesterday’s news that the city of Lille’s council had voted in favour of not broadcasting World Cup matches on a big screen in protest at this year’s competition, RMC report that more cities could be set to follow the northerners.

In Strasbourg, the mayor Jeanne Barseghian has announced that they would not be showing the games out of concern over the human rights situation in Qatar as well as the impact the tournament will have on the climate. Reims have followed suit for the same reasons.

In Bordeaux, the mayor – who like in Strasbourg is a member of the Green Party – is opposed to setting up a big screen but a decision has yet to be made. In Marseille, a big screen will only be installed in France reach the final – the town hall has explained that it will be too cold come November and December, and that they want to give priority to restaurants and cafés showing the game. Other cities such as Paris and Montpellier have yet to decide, while Toulouse will make their decision by the end of the month.


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